Creating a flexible online mathematics learning environment

Cambridge HOTmaths is an innovative online program being created by Australian mathematics educators.

We have rethought how teachers and students communicate and process information about mathematics to create an online interactive mathematics program, built from the ground up – rather than retrofitting print product and methodology to digital format. Every aspect of the site uses cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas and as technology changes, the program further evolves.

HOTmaths provides a flexible online environment where teaching, learning, assessment and reporting occur seamlessly at any time and place. Students can read text, explore animations and interactive activities, practise skills, solve challenging  problems, investigate open-ended situations, and test their understanding at any stage. They can complete activities in any order and repeat them at will.

Research on visual learning and dynamic imagery directed the development of interactive animations (called widgets) linked to each lesson. ‘Working Mathematically’ research resulted in open investigations, problem-solving tasks and higher-order thinking questions linking directly to the relevant content. Research on student-directed learning influenced the feedback process and the decision-making steps provided to students in order to develop their independent learning skills.

Students using HOTmaths receive immediate feedback to assess their learning at any point, creating a responsive assessment-for-learning environment. Teachers can access a wealth of information on student progress and communicate directly with them online, thus allowing for individualised learning pathways.

Being internet-based, Cambridge HOTmaths can also be regularly updated in response to technological changes, syllabus changes, the latest findings on students’ learning needs and the needs of our fast-growing community.

Visit the HOTmaths website for a complimentary trial and see for yourself.

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