IGCSE on HOTmaths

Did you know HOTmaths is also tailored to the IGCSE and other international courses.

Designed as a digital resource, HOTmaths is an online learning resource for maths, originally developed in Australia.

However, interest from other countries which have the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as part of their their curriculum has led to the creation of online programs designed to suit the IGCSE core and extended courses. In addition to these, HOTmaths also offers other global courses suitable for schools and students around the world.

These international courses use HOTmaths‘ flexible online environment to enable students to read text related to their chosen topic and lesson, explore animations and interactives, practice skills at various levels, solve challenging problems, investigate open-ended situations, and test their understanding at any stage. They can complete activities in any order, and then repeat them.

Teachers can access information on student progress and communicate with them online, which helps teachers cater for multiple learning styles and multiple ability levels. Teachers can also find ready-made resources, direct students to them, and create personalised quizzes and tests.

There are currently over 180 lessons directly related to the IGCSE curriculum as well as material to support prior learning. International  schools working towards different examinations may prefer the alternative HOTmaths Global course ‘Middle Secondary’ designed for students in their middle two years of secondary school.

For more information on HOTmaths contact the Cambridge HOTmaths team on schools@hotmaths.com.au.

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