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Muktar Nouh runs a tutoring school for students wishing to improve their maths.  We interviewed him about his experience using HOTmaths.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Muktar Nouh and I arrived in Australia in 1993.  I did my year 12 at Bankstown TAFE.  I completed my bachelor degree in Computer and Mathematical science at Victoria University in Melbourne and my post graduate diploma in Accounting at RMIT University in Melbourne.


Q: How did you come to set up a tutoring school using HOTmaths?

It all started when I was doing my Certificate 4 for a small business management course.  One of my follow students told me about HOTmaths. As soon as I got the website address and looked at it, I called the HOTmaths office. I liked the idea of having my own school, where I could manage students’ performance, give them homework, test them, and even provide a report to their parents. Most important for a small business owner like me were the low cost and the level of support I get from HOTmaths staff.

Q: Can you tell us about the students you work with?

Most of my students are from the African community in the western suburbs. Having seen their level of understanding of basic maths I saw an opportunity to establish my school.

Q: How do the students use HOTmaths as part of their tutoring and their studying?

HOTmaths is an essential part of the work of my tutoring students. I send them daily homework (Monday to Friday) and a test every Saturday.

Q: Do they have any comments on what they like about HOTmaths and/or how it might help them?

As most of my students are from non-English speaking backgrounds, the HOTmaths dictionary became an essential part of their work. They also enjoy the HOTmaths games.

Q: Can you give us background information for some of your students?

Abdirahman Jama, who is in year 10, and his younger brother, Abdilahi, who is in year 3, were among my first students.  The brothers have a Somali father and Australian mother and like living in Lakemba, NSW.  They are both benefiting from using HOTmaths, and are very happy with the development of their maths skills.

Q: How has HOTMATHS helped you in setting up and running your tutoring business?

Without HOTmaths my business would be impossible. Using HOTmaths, I saved a lot on overhead costs that I would have spent on other things, including year 3 to year 10 books.

Q: Any success you would like to share?

Yes, I break even this month!   Currently I have 22 students in my school and provide face-to-face tutoring for 6 of them.

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