Problem solving with HOTmaths

Did you know that the HOT in HOTmaths stands for Higher Order Thinking?

Cambridge HOTmaths, Australia’s premier online maths resource, has been designed from the outset to help learners develop skills in problem solving, analysis, evaluation and higher order mathematical thinking. Here are some of the ways HOTmaths helps students develop as confident problem solvers.

FUNdamentals activity - Balloon Pop

FUNdamentals activity – Balloon Pop

For students in the first three years of school, the FUNdamentals page in HOTmaths offers a wealth of highly visual learning activities. Students solve problems by exploring, playing, and doing, with visual and spoken feedback provided along the way.

Teaching Notes - Addition and subtraction strategies

Teaching Notes – Addition and subtraction strategies



Teaching notes support this approach, suggesting creative ways to teach a variety of learning strategies, and providing flexible resources and interactives to help demonstrate them.





Walkthrough - Tree Diagram


For students in Years 3-10, HOTmaths offers a range of resources that help students learn to think and work like mathematicians. For example, walkthroughs offer challenging multi-step problems, with hints and advice provided at each point as students work towards solving the problem.







Worksheet - Algebra flowcharts

Worksheet – Algebra flowcharts


Printable worksheets offer investigations, puzzles, and problems, and often require students to apply their mathematical skills to the real world scenarios or combine knowledge from several different areas to find the right answer. Worksheet solutions are always available and offer additional information, notes on language, and different strategic approaches.






Challenge Questions - Circle Geometry


HOTmaths also offers hundreds of individually written Challenge questions that require students to use problem-solving skills to analyse the question and find a solution.

The best way to see some of these challenging problems is to try out HOTmaths with your class and see how they do. You can project walkthroughs or questions onto a whiteboard, print out worksheets or Challenge questions for small group work, or even assign different tasks to different students, to cater for different learning needs and abilities.




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