The best parts of HOTmaths, decided by you.

We recently ran a competition asking teachers to tell us what they liked about HOTmaths.  Congratulations to the winner, Warren Richards from Queensland.

Dozens of teachers told us about their favourite parts of HOTmaths, sharing expert advice and classroom experiences.  While a surprising number of features were nominated, there were three clear winners. Nearly 50% of teachers told us they loved the test generator, while 35% mentioned the widgets and 32% liked the printable HOTsheets.

So why do teachers love the test generator, widgets and worksheets?  Here’s what some of them had to say.

The Test Generator

The Test Generator library

The Test Generator library

“I recently tried using the online assessment and was surprised how easy it was to set up, wishing I had used it earlier.” – Elizabeth, Burradoo NSW

Don’t let 2014 slip by without trying the Test Generator!  This is by far the most popular part of the site, with nearly half of all respondents recommending it as an easy way to create online, automarked assessment activities tailored to your needs.

“I particularly love the breadth, depth and creativity of the test questions. Some of them are so clever in their design and really get my extension class thinking!  The less able students are catered for due to the ability to differentiate the level of question asked. To be able to then look at each student’s results per question is fantastic!” – Leah, Ringwood VIC


Trig functions widget

Trig functions widget

35% of respondents recommended the interactive widgets on HOTmaths.  Not only are they brilliant for in-class demonstration, they really make a difference for students who struggle with new ideas.

“I love being able to login in the classroom and show the students all the widgets, it’s often only then that the lights come on. Students can see demonstrated, in a fun way, what I have been trying to teach them all along.” – Charlene, Mayfield NSW

Need a widget for today’s class?  Just type the concept you are looking for into the search field, open the widgets tab and take your pick.


HOTsheet matching graphs and vessels

HOTsheet matching graphs and vessels

Nearly one third of teachers told us that the printable HOTsheets are one of the best parts of HOTmaths. With hundreds of them easily accessible through the online search feature, they are helping teachers set homework, cater to fast finishers and provide stimulating classroom activities.

“The HOTsheets are usually exactly what I’m looking for to introduce or consolidate students skills” – Chloe, McKinnon VIC

“One thing I really liked about HOTmaths is the simple to challenging worksheets. The best part is they come with their solutions.” – Manpreet, North Rocks NSW

If you haven’t yet tried out these popular tools, now is the time to give it a go!

You can access advice and instructions via the HOTmaths help, available through the question mark icon when you are logged in.  Or contact your Cambridge consultant for advice – we’re happy to help.

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