HOTmaths wins at the 2014 Education Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA)

IMG_0446We are proud to announce that HOTmaths won two EPAA awards at the Australian Publishers Association event yesterday:

hPrimary: Student Resource – Mathematics (Numeracy)

Cambridge HOTmaths FUNdamentals iPad application.                  Author Rachel Neely.

hTertiary and Vocational: Outstanding Digital Resource

Primary Mathematics: Capitalising on ICT for Today and Tomorrow (HOTmaths component).  Authors Penelope Serow, Rosemary Callingham, Tracey Muir.

EPAA awards recognise exceptional educational products, with a focus on innovation and quality.  This year it was the primary content on HOTmaths that scooped two awards.

The FUNdamentals iPad app is a dedicated app designed to help Foundation to Year 2 students build numeracy skills through playing and exploring.  It is supported by a complete suite of teaching notes, interactive widgets and printable material available through the HOTmaths website.  To learn more about this award-winning app, see our interview with the author, Rachel Neely.

Primary Mathematics: Captialising on ICT for Today and Tomorrow is a textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching mathematics.  The authors believe that ICT can be a powerful tool for enhancing student learning, and HOTmaths has been embedded throughout the textbook as an example of this innovative new type of technology.

Primary Mathematics actually won two EPAA awards yesterday: best Tertiary Student Resource and Tertiary and Vocational: Outstanding Digital Resource (HOTmaths component.)  Visit our site to find out more about this textbook.

If you haven’t yet tried HOTmaths in your primary classroom, sign up now for an instant free trial, or contact us to try it with your students in Term 4.

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