National Maths Day 2015

Friday 21 August marks National Maths Day in Australia, rounding up National Science Week! We’re celebrating the day by having a good ol’ play on our apps Block Buddies and Scorcher. You should too!

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Block Buddies

Use your number skills to save your Block Buddies from the Evil Robot Controller. Earn gold coins and purchase rewards for your character.

Cambridge HOTmaths Block Buddies engages children through game-play to build their skills sequentially to mastery across the four number operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Block Buddies is available as a free download. A HOTmaths subscription is required to play.


Build fluency with the fast-paced Scorcher competition. Students compete against others in their class, their school or around the world as they practice any lesson or concept.

Play Scorcher on the whiteboard for ten quick questions or to revisit prerequisite knowledge.

Scorcher is available through your HOTmaths account and is compatible on an iPad.

Scorcher RGB


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