The journey of a Cambridge HOTmaths query

portal-hm-19c1010786956657bb00380f44713b02Every day Cambridge HOTmaths receives a number of queries from our users about our products. These queries cover a wide range of topics, including specific questions about content, tips for getting the most out of particular features (such as the testing and reporting features) and general customer service.

We really do love hearing from you, and because of this we wanted to show you the timespan of a query coming through the Cambridge HOTmaths office:

A support ticket is received from the UK team
The ticket details a query from a teacher who was seeking some clarification over the wording of a question in the GCSE Maths Online product.

The query is sent along to a content editor and actioned
The Chief Cambridge HOTmaths editor analyses the question and agrees that there is an issue with the wording of question, as raised by the teacher. Once the content has been edited, a response is sent to the UK team asking for feedback from the teacher.

Close of business
All parties agree on change and global roll out occurs
The teacher, the UK team and central Cambridge HOTmaths team have now all agreed that the changed wording is much more suitable. The change is rolled out to all countries that share the same Cambridge HOTmaths question in their course.

Within the space of one day, a query had been raised, considered and actioned with a result that was rolled out globally to the mutual agreement of all involved.


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