Create and assign a test in minutes








  • From the dashboard select the Tests icon
  • Click Create
  • Choose Using wizard
  • Name your test
  • Select the number of questions per level
  • Drill down to the required chapter and subject using the +
  • Click Generate
  • Edit your test with the delete or magnify options
  • Save


  • From the dashboard select the Tests icon
  • Check the required test
  • Click Assign
  • Set the expiry and choose the class (or individual students)
  • Click Submit

Your students will receive a notification that they have a test to complete next time they log in. You can also save and print the test to use in class.

To watch a video demonstration of How to create a test, choose your digital maths product and follow the link below:

Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum
Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum
Essential Mathematics GOLD for the Australian Curriculum
Cambridge Senior Mathematics


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