About Cambridge HOTmaths

HOTmaths is a comprehensive mathematics learning system — an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource for students and teachers, for individuals or whole classes, for school and at home.

A suite of flexible resources (printable and online) are provided for all types of classrooms ranging from those with no technology to full laptop access, and includes projectable material in all lessons for interactive and non-interactive whiteboards.

Developed by a dedicated group of educators, technicians and designers, HOTmaths is a high quality maths resource for students and teachers.

Benefits for schools include:

  • Saves teacher time in preparing activities, checking homework, marking and recording progress
  • Contains curriculum-based teaching, learning and assessment resources
  • Makes maths meaningful and engaging with over 600 interactive investigations (widgets), 1000 worksheets, 25,000 images and almost 400 complete lessons
  • Charts student progress with integrated diagnostic tests and other assessment activities that can be tracked throughout the learning management system
  • Generates reports by student, by class, by lesson and by topic – fully exportable into excel
  • Caters for all ability levels from underperforming to advanced, and allows students to work at their own pace
  • Offers creative teaching ideas for integrating ICT in your classroom
  • Provides access 24 hours a day to web-based resources for maths to help with planning

HOTmaths is committed to the future of education, and will continue to develop exceptional resources that reflect specific syllabus requirements and broader curriculum developments and incorporate educational change and technological innovation.

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