Connect, engage, succeed with Cambridge HOTmaths and win!


Win a Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima coffee machine for your staff room, valued at $649!

At Cambridge HOTmaths, we want your school to experience all of our fantastic features. In fact, we have been thinking about the best way to demonstrate what Cambridge HOTmaths can do for you and your classroom.

We do love some healthy competition at Cambridge HOTmaths, so we have come up with a competition that will bring your classroom to life with all of the learning tools that Cambridge HOTmaths has to offer.

What do you have to do to win?
Get your class using Cambridge HOTmaths! The school with the greatest Cambridge HOTmaths activity will be deemed the winner.

Not sure how to use Cambridge HOTmaths in your classroom?
Check out our new “Getting Started with Cambridge HOTmaths” and “Using Cambridge HOTmaths” videos that demonstrate how to set up your accounts, assign tasks, create tests, read reports and more!

What is the prize?
The winning school will receive a Nespresso Delonghi Lattissima Touch Capsule Machine EN550 (RRP $649.00). For more information, view our Terms and Conditions. Entry is open for primary and secondary schools in New South Wales. Competition begins Wednesday 11 May and closes Friday 2 September. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 14 September.

If you have any queries about this competition, please contact your Education Resource Consultant.

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Webinar recording: Testing and Reporting on the Cambridge HOTmaths platform

Earlier this week, HOTmaths Product Manager VJ Gunawardana presented a webinar on Testing and Reporting on the Cambridge HOTmaths platform.

A recording of this webinar is now available for anyone who may have missed the event (and can be viewed below).

If you have a topic that you would like covered in a webinar, please send an email to with your ideas.

You can also view a number of video tutorials on our YouTube channel specifically aimed at teachers. These video demonstrate how to use the Learning Management System on the Cambridge HOTmaths platform to monitor student progress through the Test Generator, Task Manager and reporting functions.

Please contact your Education Resource Consultant if you require more support options.

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New help video tutorials now available!

HOTmaths video

At Cambridge HOTmaths we want to our users to get the most out of their digital resources.

Knowing that Cambridge HOTmaths has so much to offer, we want to make sure that you are able to make full use of the simple, yet powerful, learning management features available.

To aid you in this journey, we have placed video tutorials online aimed specifically at teachers. These videos demonstrate how to use the Learning Management System to monitor student progress through the Test Generator, Task Manager and reporting functions.  If you’re wanting to know how to create customised tests from a huge bank of questions, or how to assign specific activities to individuals, groups or whole classes, then we have you covered.

We have also placed some videos online that demonstrate how to use the administration settings within HOTmaths in our “Getting Started for teachers” videos.

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The journey of a Cambridge HOTmaths query

portal-hm-19c1010786956657bb00380f44713b02Every day Cambridge HOTmaths receives a number of queries from our users about our products. These queries cover a wide range of topics, including specific questions about content, tips for getting the most out of particular features (such as the testing and reporting features) and general customer service.

We really do love hearing from you, and because of this we wanted to show you the timespan of a query coming through the Cambridge HOTmaths office:

A support ticket is received from the UK team
The ticket details a query from a teacher who was seeking some clarification over the wording of a question in the GCSE Maths Online product.

The query is sent along to a content editor and actioned
The Chief Cambridge HOTmaths editor analyses the question and agrees that there is an issue with the wording of question, as raised by the teacher. Once the content has been edited, a response is sent to the UK team asking for feedback from the teacher.

Close of business
All parties agree on change and global roll out occurs
The teacher, the UK team and central Cambridge HOTmaths team have now all agreed that the changed wording is much more suitable. The change is rolled out to all countries that share the same Cambridge HOTmaths question in their course.

Within the space of one day, a query had been raised, considered and actioned with a result that was rolled out globally to the mutual agreement of all involved.


For more information on Cambridge HOTmaths, visit our website.

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Cambridge HOTmaths has been shortlisted for an International Excellence Award by the London Book Fair

Awards logo - 360x190The awards are held in partnership with the UK Publishers Association and represent the best publishing ambassadors, cutting edge publishing and ground breaking initiatives in the industry.

Executive Director Mark O’Neil said of the nomination, “The feedback on HOTmaths from teachers and students has been fantastic! We know what a difference this product can make in engaging even the most disenchanted student, and we’ve seen how its emphasis on Higher Order Thinking can guide every student to a genuine understanding of mathematics. We’re thrilled that the development and pedagogical research that underpins HOTmaths has been recognised with a nomination for an International Excellence Award.”

Cambridge HOTmaths has been nominated alongside Kweetet (Belgium), SuperMemo World sp. Z o.o. (Poland) and Quirky Kid (Australia) in the China Publishing and Media Journal Education Learning Resources Award category.

The awards will be announced on 12 April during the 2016 London Book Fair.

Horizontal set working

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New Features

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting new features now available on Cambridge HOTmaths and Powered by Cambridge HOTmaths (Cambridge Senior Mathematics and Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum). To see these new features in action, log into Cambridge HOTmaths now.

1) STUDENT FEATURE: Users can now access a task check list while in a lesson


2) TEACHER FEATURE: Tasks can be assigned within a lesson (see button below)


3) TEACHER FEATURE: Activity reports can now be viewed for a class or for an individual student



4) TEACHER FEATURE: The most common incorrect answer can now be viewed within Test results – Question view


5) TEACHER FEATURE: Test generator question levels are now labelled 1,2,3,4 (Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum only)


6) TEACHER FEATURE: The test expiry can be adjusted once a test has been assigned (available through the test results page)


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National Maths Day 2015

Friday 21 August marks National Maths Day in Australia, rounding up National Science Week! We’re celebrating the day by having a good ol’ play on our apps Block Buddies and Scorcher. You should too!

To log into your account or get more information head to

Block Buddies

Use your number skills to save your Block Buddies from the Evil Robot Controller. Earn gold coins and purchase rewards for your character.

Cambridge HOTmaths Block Buddies engages children through game-play to build their skills sequentially to mastery across the four number operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Block Buddies is available as a free download. A HOTmaths subscription is required to play.


Build fluency with the fast-paced Scorcher competition. Students compete against others in their class, their school or around the world as they practice any lesson or concept.

Play Scorcher on the whiteboard for ten quick questions or to revisit prerequisite knowledge.

Scorcher is available through your HOTmaths account and is compatible on an iPad.

Scorcher RGB


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Education Week 2015 in Victoria

back-to-the-future_1200x520This week marks Education Week in Victoria (May 17-23) and this year’s theme has been named “Crack the Code with Maths”, something we can definitely see the value in!

While several different events are happening around the state, we’re paying attention to a few select offerings occurring throughout the city that look particularly interesting.


Maths in the Movies – ACMI
Presented in partnership with the Victorian Government, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is presenting a free program that includes short clips and an interactive talk which explores the links between maths and the moving image.

Drawing on the maths behind frame rates and animation software, the discussion highlights how maths is incorporated into multiple stages of the moving image production process.

Students are also encouraged to draw conclusions about the inaccurate representations of maths in film. From the mathematicians in science fiction films to the keyboard mashing computer hackers in crime shows, students will begin to question the representation of maths on screen.

More information can be viewed through the ACMI website.


Students in playground, school unknown. PROV, VPRS 14517 / P1 / Unit 17 / E82839129 - See more at:

Students in playground, school unknown. PROV, VPRS 14517 / P1 / Unit 17 / E82839129 – See more at:

School Days: Education in Victoria – Old Treasury Building Museum
This free exhibition explores the history of education in Victoria and features photos, videos, textbooks and memorabilia of Victorian schools from the late 1800s to the present day.

Having opened in March, the exhibition runs until September 2015.

More information can be viewed through the Old Treasury Building website.


The Great Victorian Coding Challenge
With registrations having closed, the challenge was a huge success with a total of 132 schools participating in the state-wide race to learn mathematical concepts and develop computer coding, problem solving and creative skills. It was a sampler of the new Digital Technologies curriculum, which will be implemented in all Victorian Government schools by 2017.

The Department would like to thank everyone who took part in The Great Victorian Coding Challenge.

The winning schools will be announced during Education Week, on Friday 22 May 2015. The winning schools will receive a full-day excursion to maths and science centre Quantum Victoria.

If you are interested in viewing some of the amazing designs by students, follow the links to each of the Challenge studios below:


More events
To see more events happening around metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria view this calendar of events.

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Webinar: Getting the most out of Cambridge HOTmaths

Horizontal set working

We’re pleased to present our “Getting the Most out of Cambridge HOTmaths” webinar, recently run by HOTmaths Product Manager VJ Gunawardana. If you have any product related questions you please contact us at

To view more videos on our YouTube channel, click here.

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The importance of maths – Disease modelling with mathematics


By Stuart Roberts, RMIT

Growing up I never had a full understanding of just how important mathematics was in everyday life. Mathematics was always my favourite subject in school, but despite how interested I was, I never saw that it was an option for a career. Even in maths class in my final year of high school I had no idea the extent to which what I was taught was being applied in real life, and I certainly had no idea that everything I had learned to that point had barely scratched the surface of what I would come to learn.

During my final week of high school my math teacher suggested to me that I look into a degree in mathematics. I was surprised to hear that mathematics degrees even existed or that it could lead on to exciting careers. After looking into the outcomes of these courses I realised just how important mathematics was to the world we live in. From then on I didn’t see it as just another subject in school. I saw it as a language used to describe and model nature. That was when I knew I wanted a career in mathematics.

Mathematics has a wide range of applications. One of those applications is modelling disease, which is important in identifying treatment strategies and controlling public health. For my project I focused on a model we hope can be used to model the evolution of a population of tumour cells after undergoing chemical treatment. We live in a world of constant change, so it is important that the model can be implemented in a constantly changing environment. The goal of my project was to investigate the dynamics of a model that could be used to model the growth and decay of tumour cells in a slowly varying environment.

If the model is successful in fitting real data, and the factors that influence the model parameters can be identified, this work could be used to assist estimating the time or intensity of the treatment needed to rid the body of tumour cells.

Stuart Roberts was one of the recipients of a 2013/14 AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship.

This piece first appeared on the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Vacation Research Scholarship blog.

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